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Expert College Planning


Guide Lines

  1. EDFIN facilates in Best Fit College Search and Selection.

  2. In-State - Out-of State, Private, Community Colleges and Trade Schools.

  3. College Essay Review and Guidance.

  4. Hands on Guidance throughout College Applications Process & Submission. 

  5. SAT/ACT Test-Prep Guidance.

  6. Personality and Career Assessment. Mentoring and Coaching.

  7. Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Processing and Reduction Procedures.

  8. Federal Student Aid  Completion (FAFSA)

  9. College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile Guidance.

  10. Student Aid Report (SAR) Review.

  11. Prepare verification, institutional, and appeal forms.

  12. Process IGETC Agreements and provide guidelines for qualifications. 

  13. Processing of Subsidized Stafford Loan, if applicable.

  14. Processing of UnSubsidized Stafford Loan, if applicable.

  15. Processing of Direct PLUS Loan, if applicable.

  16. Processing of Master Promissory Notes if applicable.

  17. Received and Individual College Plan detailing a step process and time table, complete with all deadlines. 

  18. Available for further guidance navigating the college experience. 

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