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Updated: Mar 11

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3 Mistakes to Avoid in the College Planning Process

1. Starting Too Late

The Mistake: Some students don’t begin to think about college admissions until the app season is already upon them. —

The Solution: It’s important to understand how to –compile your final college list.

2. Not Building Relationships With Colleges

The Mistake: Many students don’t begin to interact with colleges until it’s absolutely necessary.

The Reality: Students need to begin to interact with colleges early in the application process to express interest.

3. Setting Unrealistic Expectations

The Mistake: Selective colleges are often an admissions goal for many college applicants, and some assume that the more applications they submit to selective colleges, the more likely they are to get into one.

The Reality: Your chances of getting into a selective college remain the same no matter how many of them you apply

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Parents!! Do you have an 8th through 12th

Grader preparing for college?

1. Does your middle or high school student need help with increasing their PSAT/SAT/ACT scores?

2. Need help choosing the best fit for college admissions, college applications, and writing a winning essay?

3. Does your student know which college is the best fit for them?

4. Do you know how you’re going to pay for college? College costs have skyrocketed over the years and will continue to rise.

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“Shelly has helped our family since my son was a sophomore in high school. He will now be graduating in six months from UCSD. I don’t think we could’ve done it without Shelly’s expertise. Currently, I have two kids in college and without Shelly, I would be spending a fortune! She is knowledgeable in getting grants and finding ways to offset the entire tuition/college expenses. I am grateful to her and her staff for making our college journey successful!”

Raziel A. & Family

UC San Diego $28,000/Year Grants & Scholarships

Cal Poly Pomona $25,000/Year Grants & Scholarships

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