Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Parents!! Do you have an 8th through 12th Grader you’re preparing for college? This is for you!

1. Does your middle or high school student need help with increasing their PSAT/SAT/ACT scores!

Deliverables: We help students in one-on-one sessions increase their SAT scores by 100 points or more on each test using strategic sessions.

Results: Our students are increasing their SAT scores from 1120 to 1510. Read what families are saying at

2. Need help choosing the best fit for college admissions, college applications for your student?

Deliverables: Beginning as early as 8th grade, students receive an individual College Plan, mentoring and coaching sessions to empower your student through pre-assessment, personality and career assessments making better college choices.

Results: Students understanding their strengths, likes, interests, values, and motivations are less likely to change their major three to five times the first two years in college, saving money and time, graduating in time. Read what families are saying about EDFIN at

3. Does your student know which college is the best fit for them?

Deliverables: College Search, Campus Visits help with an expert helps students determine which college is the best fit for them, being accepted to the college of their dreams.

Results: Students understanding their passions, major, strengths, likes, interests, values, motivations are more likely to makes better decisions, resulting in a happier successful college student. Read what families are saying about EDFIN at

4. Do you know how you’re going to pay for college? College costs have skyrocketed over the years and will continue to rise.

Deliverables: Statistics show hiring an Independent Educational Consultant can save you thousands of dollars, increase receiving grants, scholarships, and lesson student loan debt. Read what families are saying at

Results: Maximum award $276,000/Bachelors of Science degree and minimum award $20,000/Bachelor of Science degree. Read what families are saying at

Get started today!

College Prep with a FREE College Planning Consultation by calling 951-261-9799.

Offer Expires January 31st, 2020

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