Self Discovery Through Personality and Career Assessment


Self-Discovery and Understanding Yourself through Personality and Career Assessments

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing.” —Pele

What is a personality and career assessment? Why is it important, and what does it do for you in career & college planning?

What you’ll learn:
What a personality and career assessment is. What it doesn’t do.
What it does do.

Understanding yourself (self-discovery), your strengths, interests, values, and motivations through personality and career assessments is beneficial.


It will help you better align your personality (focusing on your strengths) to choose a major and a college that are your best fit for college admissions.

Tell us what you are most interested in so that we may best aid you in your Individual College Plan. 

It’s highly recommended to complete a Personality and Career Assessment (self-discovery) early in high school (9th grade year) as it helps a student understand their personality type, and how well they relate to others (such as classmates and teachers). Students might be required to take a personality career assessment during their 10th grade year, but taking a personality career assessment by a certified career counselor in the 9th grade will better prepare them for the following challenges:

  •   Learn more about student’s strengths, values, interests, and motivations.

  •   Learn about student’s personality, how their personality and compatibility to other personality types.

  •   Increase social skills, understanding themselves.


Personality Assessment
Personality assessment is just one aspect of self- assessment. For complete self-assessment, also consider your interests, skills, and values.

  •   What it doesn’t do: Personality assessment doesn’t tell you “what to be” and should NOT be viewed as a strict instruction that you must choose x or y occupation.

  •   What it does do: Helps you better understand yourself, your personality, and how you relate to people, process information, make decisions, and function. This helps you think about how potential occupations will or won’t fit with your personality. Keep your personality type in mind as you research careers.

  •   Helps you better understand yourself and how you relate to high school classmates and teachers.  Helps determine compatible personalities, which helps in choosing best-fit classmates for group study and which classmates will be a challenge.

Personality and Career Assessments
These are several personality assessments, i.e., Carl Jung’s concepts of personality type, such as the Myers- Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI). You might be familiar with that name, and you might have completed an MBTI for some other purpose.

Motivation Assessment

Behavioral Approach Drive
Fun Seeking
Reward Responsiveness

Behavioral Inhibition


Career Coaching Assessment
Career coaching assessment is designed to help you understand more about the personality, career choices, and motivations.

Career Assessment
Your career assessment test will reveal the career best suited based on your results.Your results will match you with the best schools based on your answers.

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