Top Reasons to Work with a College Planner”
1. Get Personalized Attention
2. Alleviate Stress 
3. Create a Competitive Edge 
4. Eliminate Confusion 
5. Save Money!

Is hiring a college planner worth it? 
1. The Admissions Game 
2. The RIO metrics 
3. The role of the College Planning Expert
4. Not all College Planners are alike 
5. Stressing out our youth


10 signs of a reputable college planner
1. They never guarantee admission to a college. 
2. They are honest and open about their fees upfront. 
3. They offer different types of packages with affordability in mind. 
4. They don’t offer to write your essay for you. 
5. They don’t exaggerate their qualifications. 
6. They are affiliated with member organizations such as HECA, IECA, and NACAC. 
7. They visit colleges and meet with admissions directors to keep up with the evolving campus culture and academic changes. 
8. They attend training workshops and professional conferences. 
9. They do not receive compensation in exchange for placement or a referral. 
10. They do not use personal connections to get you into a top school.

Seriously, you won't believe your eyes when you see how having a professional on your side helping you every step of the way through college planning - it makes all the difference.  Ask our families at 

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Shelly Rufin, MSHS

EDFIN College Planning Expert

Published Author/Speaker of "9 Key Decisions for Better College Planning

Better Life: Making College DREAMS a Reality 

TV Personality EDFIN TV/Radio Show

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Top Reasons to Work with a College Planner

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