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Dear Families:

We are College Education Planners helping families with middle (6-8 grade) through high school students (9-12 grade), returning and transfer students in preparation for college.

  • Our vision is to provide affordable educational and financial aid consulting services, while helping students maximize their funding and educational opportunities for success.

  • Our mission is to help families who need assistance in navigating the Admissions/Financial Aid processes and help student to increase their opportunities for educational success.

  • Our core values are Integrity, Vision and Commitment.


EDFIN College Planning Experts has been helping families for almost two decades find the “Best Fit” for college Admissions, Financial Aid Planning – “How to put your kids through college without going broke” and the overall process of being admitted to college including completing forms required by the college, working on the families’ behalf with the college Admissions and Financial Aid Offices, facilitating the overall process of being admitted to college and Federal, State, Institutional Grants, Scholarships, and Loans to pay for college.



Our Credentials:

  • Dual Masters in Human Services, Clinical Counseling

  • PhD in Psychology Industrial Organization (2018)

  • Certified by the Department of Education Title IV Funding

  • Certified by the Department of Education in Student Loan Funding

  • Member of the National Association of Financial Aid Administrators

  • Member of the Western Association Student Financial Aid Administrators Association

  • EDFIN is an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau and member of the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce.

  • See "About Us" for further details.


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