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12 steps

12 Steps College Planning


1. Recognize your talent. Create greater self-awareness.

2. Understanding your strengths.

3. Identify high-potential career options that leverage your talents.

4. Leveraging a network of people you

already know that will help you achieve your goals.

5. Investigating careers of interest beyond the typical surface analysis.

6. Obtain internships that align with a career interest.

7. Choosing an educational strategy that positions you for the best job opportunities.

8. Differentiating yourself from the crowd. 9. Building a foundation for future success and satisfaction.

10. Envisioning a future that is economically self-sufficient

11. Articulate a plan that will help you achieve your goals and dreams.

12. Understanding the consequences of the many aspects of your life if you don't follow through with your plan.

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"excellent service! Mrs. Shelly and her team helped me get admitted to my dream school and financial aid to pay for college. My dream school is sdsu and she alleviated the stress from my parents and helped us pay for college. Also her staff is more than kind and always there when i need them. I highly! Recommend edfin and give them 5 stars. She more than deserves 5 stars though."

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Your Path to SuccessView Success Stories From Our EDFIN Families

Ram D.

Temecula, CA

"Great service. Instead of worrying about all the financial stuff coming on to the school year, I was able to just focus on my education. They handled everything for me!"

Noemi L

We are happy with the services that Shelly Rufin has given us, it is very effective, when she interviews the student she realizes that she needs help to achieve her goals.....

Heidi J.

Hi I'm Heidi Johnson-Schmidt. I am currently going into my 3rd year at San Diego State University and majoring in Athletic Training.....

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