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Admissions/Financial Aid

Admission/Financial Aid

What you can expect

What you can expect

🎓 One-on-one Career Counseling 6th through 12th grades, specific to your college bound teens and top 10 colleges 
🎓 One-on-one Mentoring & Coaching (6th through 12th grade) multiple sessions to achieve a personalized Compelling Essay for Scholarships, Admissions & Requirements 
🎓 Course Selection 6th through 12th grades in preparation for top-tier colleges, Ivy League, In-State, Out-of-State, Public, Private universities 
🎓 Admissions applications & strategies to top tier colleges, utilizing a range of strategies 
🎓 Admissions Requirements, Deadlines, Multiple Reviews & Submissions to top-tier colleges, Ivy League, In-State, Out-of State, Public & Private Universities 
🎓 Increase SAT/ACT by 100 points with following a strategic approach 
🎓 Financial Aid Applications, Forms, and processes are complex and competitive: Over three decades of expertise in Federal Regulations, Best Practices, & Strategies ensures a maximum financial aid offer.

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1. Better Career Planning - Better Life

Admission, SAT/ACT, Personality/Career Assessment, Mentoring & Coaching, and Financial Aid Planning.

2. Best Fit College Admissions

Admissions Requirements i.e. A-G requirements, Winning Essays, Prompts 1 & 2, Diversity Statements, Recommendation Letters, Common Applications, etc.

3. Admission Applications

Students select three schools of their choice i.e. dream school and two backup schools which are submitted and requirements met by specific collegiate deadlines. Additional schools may be submitted per special request.

4. Financial Aid Planning

- EDFIN submits Federal, State, Institutional, Grants, Scholarships, and Loans for three colleges. Additional schools may be submitted per special request.

- Students submit "Final Choice School" by the deadline to EDFIN and EDFIN informs the family of any additional requirements to be accepted to college.

Final College Choice: EDFIN takes over the entire process of applying for financial aid, completing & submitting forms, and working with college representatives on the family's behalf.

"Shelly and her team have been super helpful with helping me receive financial aid and answering any questions I have regarding college classes and transferring to a university. I'm very happy I started going to her and will continue doing so." - Sabrina C

Financial Aid Planning

5. Personality/Career

Tutoring Partnership/Test Preparation


This initial personality & career assessment i.e. college planning assessment is designed to help students identify their strengths, values, and motivations to determine their career choices and "Best Fit for College Admissions." Personality Career Assessment is administered by at qualified Career Coach utilizing different methods to help students identify possible career choices through a self-discovery process.

6. Tutoring Partnership / Test Preparation

Guides students in preparing and improving upon scholastic testing, PSAT, ACT, SAT, and essay writing. EDFIN staff does not provide tutoring services, instead, we pair our clients with a variety of Tutoring service providers.,

"Shelly was so helpful to me! My parents and I had literally no clue how this whole college application thing worked and she helped to guide us through the entire process step by step. I am now way ahead of the game on my applications and I don't have to stress or worry about them in the month of November. I will definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help with the application process or financial aid." - Claire J.

7. Packages

Our Expert College Planner understands that every student is unique in placement, grade, interest, social skills, age, needs, and a combination thereof or more. Upon our initial consultation, we will review and discuss with the student and parent(s) the variety of programs offered to best fit the service required to jump-start your college plan.




Your Path to SuccessView Success Stories From Our EDFIN Families

ΑI. Α.

Hemet, CA


Shelly helped me a lot with my application process and she is very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend anyone needs assist for UC application...

Lesley P.

I really appreciate all the help Shelly has given me! I am currently in a community college and am about to transfer to a university and she has really made the transition smoother!...

Salma S.

Temecula, CA

EDFIN has been super helpful so far guiding me on my path to a good university. Shelly is always there to answer my questions and concerns about anything school related which is reassuring in such stressful times.

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