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6th - 8th & 9th -12th Grade Online Training

Road Maps to College to College Success

This webinar will explain to the viewer the necessary information needed to make planning for college easier, including valuable college planning tips that will benefit a student's future.


Students, in your life, you will be facing challenges as you begin preparing for college. This module equips you to tackle college challenges effectively by addressing key decisions for successful college planning. It empowers both students and parents with valuable insights, guiding them toward realizing their college dreams. These principles provide a roadmap for high school students, facilitating their journey toward college success.

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Hear What Others are Saying

"I am currently a senior in high school awaiting my college acceptances. It is a scary time, but knowing that Shelly has been there for me and my family provides me with some case of mind. I'm looking forward to college! Thanks, EDFIN!"

"Shelly is down to Earth yet very professional. Planning for college can be very overwhelming, but Shelly makes it easy. EDFIN is top-notch!"

Shelly Rufin


Over Three Decades of Experience

Bachelors in Management

M.S. Human Services

MS Clinical Counseling - Neuro Science

PhD Psychology-Industrial Organization

Harvard Business School

Making College DREAMS a Reality!



Your Path to SuccessView Success Stories From Our EDFIN Families

Ram D.

"Great service. Instead of worrying about all the financial stuff coming on to the school year, I was able to just focus on my education. They handled everything for me!"

Salma S.

Temecula, CA

EDFIN has been super helpful so far guiding me on my path to a good university. Shelly is always there to answer my questions and concerns about anything school related which is reassuring in such stressful times.

Bob B.

San Francisco, CA

Made my switch from high school to college much easier and much less stressful and miserable:)

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