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Shelly Rufin

Shelly Rufin, MSHS, MSCC, Dr. (Hn) 

Harvard Business School

Like you, Author, Speaker, TV personality, and Independent Educational Consultant, Shelly Rufin has seen the words Independent Educational Consultant defined in numerous ways over the years. It is their education and experience? What makes an Independent Educational Consultant? Passion? Is it all about the situation? Is it meant only for the chosen few who rise to the top? Or, is there a different story?

With almost three decades of college planning. speaking, and most importantly, real-life in-the- trenches college experience and knowledge, her view is radically different. Shelly appreciates, and shares with listeners, educating the public how being an Independent Educational Consultant, helping families and their kids pursue their dreams of higher education is a passion of hers; may it be a vocational, certificate, community college, or attending an Ivy League university. College Planning is for everybody, everyday one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.


Volunteer Services in the Surrounding Communities

She's been recognized for volunteering her service at local high schools and serving as an advocate for the advancement and acceleration of women in business. She's received two Lifetime Achievement Awards by President Donald Trump and another by President Obama.

A Women of Excellence Award by National Association of Female Executives, President's Award from Women of Connected Influence, State of California Senate Community Service Award by Senator Mike Morrell, and Community Service Award by State Senator John Moorlach 37th State District, Congressional Community Service Award by Congress Karen Bass, and Senate Award for the 67th District Melissa Melendez for educating students on the importance of early college planning in high school presentations.

She's certified by the Department of Education Federal Student Aid School Relations Division Title IV Funding Administration, and National Association of Financial Aid Administrators, and Western Association of Student Financial Aid Administration: Student Loan Administration.

Shelly Rufin


To provide affordable educational consulting services to graduating high school students, returning students and the unemployed. Helping students achieve higher education and maximize their opportunities for success.


To provide affordable Educational Consulting services by helping students apply for college, financial aid, receive personal career assessment and counseling, and clinical counseling. Optional Services: Personality, Motivation, and Behavioral Counseling.


EDFIN's culture is structured and based on Integrity, Vision and Commitment. We treat our students with courtesy, respect and guarantee realistic advice that achieve results.

"Success Begins with a Single Choice"

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ΑI. Α.

Hemet, CA

“Shelly helped me a lot with my application process and she is very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend anyone needs assist for UC application and CSU application go to the Expert College Planner.

Carlos C

San Francisco, CA

EDFIN is great and are there to help you with school finances and keep you on track with high quality service!

Bob B.

San Francisco, CA

Made my switch from high school to college much easier and much less stressful and miserable:)

Ram D.

"Great service. Instead of worrying about all the financial stuff coming on to the school year, I was able to just focus on my education. They handled everything for me!"

Salma S.

San Francisco, CA

​EDFIN has been super helpful so far guiding me on my path to a good university. Shelly is always there to answer my questions and concerns about anything school-related which is reassuring in such stressful times.

Noemi L

We are happy with the services that Shelly Rufin has given us, it is very effective, when she interviews the student she realizes that she needs help to achieve her goals, my daughter is just in her first year of university, some obstacles, but she helped us quickly and it was resolved, I recommend her, she's really good at her job.

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