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 Expert  College Planning Tips

We would like to discuss a few actions that will lessen the stresses for the new year ahead. We have assembled key tasks to remember in keeping you on the right path. 

Expert College Planning Tips


12th Grade

The first step in preparing for that well-deserved vacation ahead is to ensure that you submitted all of your college applications. If the schools in which you’ve applied require test scores as part of the application process, please make sure that you have done so in order to eliminate processing complications. Many schools are now what is referred to as test optional, meaning that it is not required when applying. There are a few ways to gauge this new option. 


  1.  Do not send in any test scores unless they are specifically requested by the school’s administration. 

  2. Research the admissions requirements on the school’s website, and if you feel confident that your scores reflect highly in your favor for selection of admissions or scholarships merit opportunities than submit them.

  3. We are aware that some students do not test well and that your score does not reflect your commitment or attributes. In this scenario, it may be best not to send in your scores and astound the school in other manners.


Read the requirements carefully or contact your counselor to ensure that you send in your very best testing marks. The second vital process is to finalize your Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Make sure that all signatures have been electronically or manually signed and forward to the FAFSA office before the set deadlines. Doing these things will increase all eligible awards consideration. In the event you find yourself behind on these tasks, give us a call at 951-261-9799.


The third tip is to concentrate on scholarships. Scholarships are available through a wide variety of resources, all with their very own qualifications. Search online for national, state and local awards applications. Contact your school’s counselors, former students, and local businesses to obtain as much information as possible. Focus on obtaining money for college. Put in the extra work because the more you qualify for, the less you have a payout. It is worth it!


Expert College Planning Tips


11th Grade

Juniors should have obtained or be focused on what they want in a school and major. Take the time out to seriously focus on this, so that you can be matched with your best-fit college. This is a great time to take a trip to in-state college campuses or utilize virtual tours online. Search the individual campuses for events that you may attend to get a better feel of the environment. This is also a good stage to schedule your SAT/ACT for the Spring. Doing so at this interval provides you the ability to take multiple practice tests, set a schedule to improve upon your more challenging sections, and also retake the actual exams if required. Utilize your PSAT scores as a starting point to prepare for the next level of exams as well as gauge where you stand in college acceptance metrics.


If you require a better understanding of college planning, want to review your steps or have questions in general, call EDFIN College Planning Experts at 951-261-979 to set up a complimentary college plan assessment.