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College Bound – 9 Key Decisions | EDFIN College Prep 


This guidebook will explain to the reader the necessary information needed to make planning for college easier, including valuable college planning tips which will be beneficial towards a student’s future. Students, in your life you will be facing challenges as you begin preparing for college. This tool will empower you and your parents. Most questions you have about the how’s, why’s, and what’s of college planning will be answered in this book. Parents and/or guardians, the “Nine Key Decisions for Better College Planning – Better Life: Making College DREAMS a Reality” are important for helping prepare your kids for college and making the transition from high school to college enjoyable.

College Bound Book with College Admissions Advisor, Financial Aid and Educational Consultant, Shelly Rufin. EDFIN College Prep | EDFIN College Planning Experts.
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Road Map to College College Sucess 

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