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Why Career Coaching is for Every High School Student!

The initial personality and career assessment (college planning assessment) conducted by a certified career coach or college planner is designed to help students identify their strengths, values and motivations align with career choices and “Best Fit for College Admissions.”  Personality Career Assessment administered by a Certified Career Coach utilizes different methods and assessments to help students discover their type of personality, identify possible career choices through a self-discovery processes.


Personal Social Development

       Help students to:

  • Become identity-achieved, necessary for developmental; process for all adolescents.

  • Envision a future that is productive, achievable, and stimulating.

  • Understand the stumbling blocks that could prevent their success.

  • Understand their communication and interpersonal skills and how these are required for a career, a personal success.

  • Develop a framework to project their future and understand their consequences of today’s choices and actions.


Educational Achievement

       Help students to:

  • Recognize the value of education and its importance of individually becoming motivated to succeed in school and life.

  • Motivate them to challenge themselves and strive for higher achievement.

  • Understand how their choices in education, training, career choices impact their personal lifestyle.

  • Motivate students to apply themselves, because once students understand how basic subjects such as reading, writing, and math can impact their future success, academic achievement will increase.


Career and Life Skills

       Help students to:

  • Empower a life and career planning “process,” so students can continually adjust their plans throughout their education and adult life.

  • Empower students to become “career focused,” so every student is prepared to enter the workforce upon completion of their education.

  • Teach students the skills necessary to successfully transition into college, vocational school, the workforce, and adulthood.


Figuring out what your career was meant to be can easily be accomplished by assessing your talents, skills, knowledge, and tasks that you enjoy.  Determine what you’re passionate about, is the goal.


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  • EDFIN College Prep | Temecula Middle School | United States
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