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Your Path to Success. View Success Stories From Our EDFIN Families

ΑI. Α.

Hemet, CA

“Shelly helped me a lot with my application process and she is very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend anyone needs assist for UC application and CSU application go to the Expert College Planner.

Carlos C

San Francisco, CA

EDFIN is great and are there to help you with school finances and keep you on track with high quality service!

Bob B.

San Francisco, CA

Made my switch from high school to college much easier and much less stressful and miserable:)

Ram D.

"Great service. Instead of worrying about all the financial stuff coming on to the school year, I was able to just focus on my education. They handled everything for me!"

Salma S.

San Francisco, CA

​EDFIN has been super helpful so far guiding me on my path to a good university. Shelly is always there to answer my questions and concerns about anything school-related which is reassuring in such stressful times.

Noemi L

We are happy with the services that Shelly Rufin has given us, it is very effective, when she interviews the student she realizes that she needs help to achieve her goals, my daughter is just in her first year of university, some obstacles, but she helped us quickly and it was resolved, I recommend her, she's really good at her job.

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