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Why a College and Financial Aid Consultant is a Necessity and Not Just a Luxury?

A Financial Aid advisor knows how to properly complete your forms to maximize your financial aid eligibility. Remember 1 in 7 FAFSA don't get processed correctly. A large percent of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) forms that do get processed have errors or inconsistencies that can cause you to lose some or all you're financial aid.


Benefits associated with financial aid services provided by a financial aid planner

A financial aid advisor can save you time, hassle and aggravation of researching student loans, free college scholarships and the entire mind bending financial aid process. A financial aid advisor can save you time and money by helping you receive financial aid. A college financial aid advisor can save you from having to complete the countless financial aid forms, student loan forms and free college scholarship applications. A financial aid advisor protects you from missing deadlines and making other costly mistakes.


A financial aid advisor guides you through the entire financial aid process. A college funding counselor may put a plan together for you to possibly reduce your student loans while increasing the amount of college scholarships you may receive. A financial aid advisor provides peace of mind knowing you've received the financial aid you're entitled, while minimizing your time effort and energy. A financial aid advisor can tell you if your are receiving a fair financial aid offer or that it should be appealed.

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  • EDFIN College Prep | Temecula Middle School | United States
  • EDFIN College Prep | Temecula Middle School | United States
  • EDFIN College Prep | Temecula Middle School | United States